4 Wheel Alignment/ADAS Extended Drop Off Service


Have you just fitted suspension parts or new tyres to your vehicle or have you just hit a kurb/pothole hard and struggling to get your 4 wheel alignment done as soon as possible?


We understand getting your car aligned can disrupt your busy schedule. That's why we offer a convenient extended-drop-off service for our 4-wheel alignments and ADAS Calibrations!


Here's how it works:

Simply drop off your vehicle during our business hours. (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm)
Leave your car with us for 2-3 business days to allow our technicians to perform a thorough 4-wheel alignment check and adjustment to ensure optimal tyre wear and handling within our busy schedule.

Pick up your car at your convenience or when we contact you and get back on the road with confidence!


Benefits of Our Extended-Drop-Off Service:

Save Time: Free up your day and avoid waiting at the shop or waiting 2-3 weeks to get an appointment
Cost-Effective: Streamlined service may lead to cost savings for example getting the alignment done ASAP after new tyres have been fitted to your vehicle.
Improved Efficiency: Allows our technicians to focus on alignments, potentially reducing wait times for standard appointments.

This service is perfect for:

1. Busy professionals with limited time.
2. Individuals with access to alternative transportation during the service period.
3. Anyone who prioritizes cost-effectiveness and a streamlined service experience and needs the alignment done as soon as possible.


Ready to schedule your extended-drop-off wheel alignment?

Call us on 0151 9335111 to book your appointment.

Mention the "Extended-Drop-Off Wheel Alignment Service" for special consideration.

Please note: This service may not be available for all vehicle makes and models. Contact our service advisors for details and any questions.



0151 9335111

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